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Hot or Not profiles make my lyfe

Once I opened the door to our tent and BAM there were mushrooms everywhere so we munched the lot of them and had a jolly good night 100% true story
I was going to edit Grant out but his Pikachu onesie was just too cute to go.
Cara Casagrande for odaxelaganiac xx
Drawings by Moonassi. More of his art here: x
Irie fruit ninja, Vincent. 

rolling-marijuana asked: Did you make all those gifs???

Indeed I did. Hmu if you want anything. :) 

I am the great Corholio.
Untrust us.
I don’t know who I am anymore.
For quite-insane xx
Nicole Mciver AKA Nachosgurl.
The King of Limbs 
My ex dance teacher is a whiny lil fuckwagon.